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 Find the Right Necklace Size or Bracelet Size

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This page is designed to help you select the right length necklace or bracelet. There are also some general comments on widths .

In general, the smaller the number, the finer the chain in that style! For example an 019 snake chain is finer than an 060 snake chain, but will not be the same size as an 019 Bismark chain.

 Children's Standard Sizes for Necklaces and Bracelets

  Silver Bracelets 5"-6"
  Silver Necklaces 14"-16"

Women's Standard Necklace Sizes

  16" Choker length
  17-18" Will reach the collarbone
  20" A few inches below collarbone
  22" At or above neckline
  24" A little Below the neckline
  30" Below the chest

 Choose the next size up for larger neck sizes

  Men's Standard Chain Sizes
  18" Base of the neck -for smaller neck sizes
  20" to collarbone -The most common length for the average size man
  22" A few inches below the collarbone
  24" Just above the sternum

 Standard Bracelet Sizes

  7" Average woman's wrist
  8" Average man's wrist or woman with larger wrist
  9" For man with larger wrist

Standard Ring Sizes for all rings including Men's wedding rings:

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