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Alphabet Jewelry
Silver Alphabet A, B, C, D… You get the picture. We have alphabet jewelry for every letter in the alphabet. Sterling Silver Letters.

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American Flag Jewelry
Silver American Flag Liberty, freedom, justice all wrapped up in red, white and blue. Our American Flag Jewelry is perfect for the patriot.

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Angel Jewelry
Silver Angel Angels are the essence of love and joy and stem from the heart of Godliness. We hope you can find something for your angel in this collection.

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April Jewelry
Silver April April's birthstone is clear, like a diamond, a clear CZ, or crystal. How pretty!

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August Birthstone Jewelry
Silver August Birthstone The birthstone for August is Peridot. These birthstone items feature peridot stones or peridot colored czx please read the description to determine which. To see just Genuine Peridot Jewelry (click the word peridot to see it).

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Baby Jewelry
Silver Baby We have jewelry that features the cute and cuddly baby. Baby Jewelry features babies. It is not intended for babies

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Bali Jewelry
Silver Bali The island of Bali produces some fantastic jewelry, we have assembled what may be the best collection of that jewelry. Bali jewelry is handmade by silversmiths using techniques that are centuries old, many think that Bali jewelry is the finest made silver jewelry in the world.. Welcome to Bali, enjoy your stay.

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Bamboo Jewelry
Silver Bamboo Bamboo is said to bring luck and it is also a symbol of strength.

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Baseball Jewelry
Silver Baseball Americas Past time. We try to keep a large quantity of baseball charms on hand so that we can handle orders for the whole team. We will notify you immediately if we can not fulfill your order. Baseball Coaches get 10% rebate to your CC. (baseball charm orders of 5 or more)

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Basketball Jewelry
Silver Basketball Basketball jewelry and basketball pendants. Your basketball player will enjoy one of these charms. We sell a lot of these basketball charms to basketball coaches to be used as team gifts. These sterling silver b-ball gifts will last a lifetime.

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Bead Jewelry
Silver Bead Jewelry with beads. We have big beads, little beads, beads on Necklaces, beads on bracelets, and beads on earrings.

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Bear Jewelry
Silver Bear Bears, Bears everywhere. Teddy Bears, Grizzly Bears and Koala Bears. If you are looking for sterling silver bear jewelry then you have come to the right place.

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Bells Jewelry
Silver Bells Weddings, a new baby, Christmas... bells symbolize a special occasion.

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Bird Jewelry
Silver Bird Our Bird Collection is inspired by our feathered friends. Bird jewelry in our collection feature hummingbirds and other birds in sterling silver with gemstones.

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Birthday Jewelry
Silver Birthday Say Happy Birthday with a charm!

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Bracelets for Charms Jewelry
Silver Bracelets for Charms Silver Charm Bracelets that are made to hold your charms. These are our link bracelets that you can attach your unique charm collection to.

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Bracelets with Charms Jewelry
Silver Bracelets with Charms Silver Charm Bracelets with charms already attached. These bracelets come with the charms shown. If you are looking for charm bracelets to hold your charms go here.

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Buckle Jewelry
Silver Buckle Made popular by Tiffany, jewelry with belt buckles are very fashionable right now.

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Buffalo Jewelry
Silver Buffalo Roaming free on the range. You'll love our Buffalo Collection. Buffalo Jewelry is sterling silver unless otherwise noted.

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Bumble Bee Jewelry
Silver Bumble Bee A small collection of bumble bee jewelry that includes bumble bee pendants and charms.

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Bunny Jewelry
Silver Bunny Cute and loveable bunnies. You can find a bunny earrings, bunny bracelets and bunny charms

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Butterfly Jewelry
Silver Butterfly Spread your wings with our beautiful selection of sterling silver butterfly jewelry. Wearing butterfly jewelry lightens your heart, our jewelry collection features butterflies with various precious stones and inlays. You will find butterfly rings and butterfly earrings and other jewelry featuring our metamorphosing friends.

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Cable Jewelry
Silver Cable Are you looking for Cable Bracelets? We have a large selection of cable bracelets and earrings. These are designer inspired and look similar to the name brands you will find in the major department stores for $800 and up.

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Cancer Awareness Jewelry
Silver Cancer Awareness A small collection of jewelry that includes cancer awareness ribbons and other inspirational items including boxing glovers.

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Cat Jewelry
Silver Cat If you love felines you will love our sterling silver collection of cat jewelry including cats on earrings, cat rings, and other fine jewelry featuring cats. Felis silvestris catus or Felis silvestris domesticus or house cats. You will find the Big Cats under the wild animal category.

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Celtic Jewelry
Silver Celtic Celtic jewelry is attractive, strong and fashionable. Please browse our Celtic Rings, Celtic Necklaces, Bracelets, and Charms reflective of the styles of jewelry used in early times. Our Celtic jewelry designs include the Celtic Knot, the Triqueta, the Celtic tree of life, the Triskele and many other symbols of ancient Druidic, Pictish as well as modern and historical Scottish folk symbols.

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Chandelier Earrings Jewelry
Silver Chandelier Earrings These elegant chandelier earrings will add a dash of sophisticated glamour to the simplest of outfits. Wear them with jeans and a sexy top for a hip edgy look. We believe the chandelier is here to stay in 2005. If you don't see the chandelier earrings that you are looking for, please email or call us. We will see if we can find them for you.

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Cheerleading Jewelry
Silver Cheerleading Cheerleading charms in sterling silver. Wear your sprit on a chain or charm bracelet. Our Silver Cheerleading Charms are .925 sterling silver. Cheerleading jewelry is good for the whole squad. We do have discounts available for cheerleading coaches.

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Childrens Jewelry
Silver Childrens Looking for jewelry for a child or jewelry represtenting a child? You will find it in our childrens jewelry collection. Items made for a child will be marked, the items that represent a child are typically for the parents.

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Christian Jewelry
Silver Christian Our collection of Christian Jewelry includes a lot of crosses, crucifixes and other symbols of the Christian faith. Christianity is the largest religion practices in the USA and we may have the largest collection of Christian themed jewelry.

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Christmas Jewelry
Silver Christmas Are you looking for Christmas themed jewelry? We have a nice selection of sterling silver Christmas Jewelry as well as some enamel Christmas Charms. Snowflakes, snowman, Santa Claus, Rudolf the red nose reindeer and many other yuletide images. All of our jewelry is guaranteed to be Sterling Silver unless otherwise noted.

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Claddagh Jewelry
Silver Claddagh The Irish Claddagh Symbol is named for the coastal town of Claddagh (pronounced clah-dah), where local legend attributes the rings design. Claddagh rings are a traditional token of friendship, loyalty and romantic love. The Claddagh design typically appears on rings, but we have the Irish symbol on various pieces of jewelry. The hands in the design represent friendship, the heart, love, and the crown, loyalty. This is also used as a claddagh wedding ring or celtic wedding ring.

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Cowboy Jewelry
Silver Cowboy I want to be a cowboy, and you can be my cowgirl. Ok, maybe not. But we do have cowboy charms.

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Cross Jewelry
Silver Cross The cross is a symbol for the ages. We have many varieties of cross, including the tradtional latin cross and the celtic cross, the celtic cross relates to the four directions. East is rebirth, youth, Spring, and growth. West is knowledge, experience, Autumn, and guidance. South is vitality, vigor, Summer, and strength. North is wisdom, silence, winter, and death. The outer circle connects them in the cycle of life

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Crown Jewelry
Silver Crown Our sterling silver crown jewelry will make you feel like royalty.

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Crucifix Jewelry
Silver Crucifix We have a fine selection of Sterling Silver Crucifix. We also have a very large selection of silver cross pendants.

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Dad Jewelry
Silver Dad We have sterling silver charms for dad and about dad. If you need a charm to show you love your father you can find it here.

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December Birthstone Jewelry
Silver December Birthstone The December Birthstone is blue topaz, below you will find blue topaz and blue cz jewelry for December. Click here to see only genuine blue topaz.

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Dice Jewelry
Silver Dice Feeling lucky? If not, you need a pair of our dice earrings.

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Dog Jewelry
Silver Dog The canine has long been mans best friend. Now you can show your love for your dog with our sterling silver jewelry featuring many of the fine dog breeds. Dog breed jewelry for dog lovers, you can find your favorite breed in the form of silver charms, pendants and earrings.

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Dolphin Jewelry
Silver Dolphin The dolphin is cherished as a smart, fun loving, and loveable mammal. We have sterling silver dolphin jewelry. Some of these custom pieces feature precious and semi-precious stones. If you want a ring, a set of dolphin earrings, a dolphin on a charm or a bracelet featuring dolphins than we have what you are looking for.

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Dragon Jewelry
Silver Dragon Sterling Silver Dragons in different positions.

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Dragonfly Jewelry
Silver Dragonfly Sterling Silver jewelry featuring the dragonfly some with semi-precious stones. Dragonfly Earrings, dragonfly toe rings and dragonfly charms. Dragonfly jewelry is .925 silver unless otherwise noted.

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Eagle Jewelry
Silver Eagle Nothing portrays strength and independence like the Eagle. We feature eagle jewelry in sterling silver. We have eagle rings, eagles charms and eagle earrings.

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Elephant Jewelry
Silver Elephant The pachyderm, commonly referred to as elephant symbolizes longevity, strength, royalty, dignity, patience, wisdom, happiness, and good luck. Elphant Jewelry features the elephant on a variety of fine sterling silver jewelry including elephant earrings, charms and elephant jewelry on necklaces.

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Fairy Jewelry
Silver Fairy Sterling Silver Fairy earrings, ear cuffs, pins and bracelets.

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Family Jewelry
Silver Family Proud to be a cousin, aunt, grandma…? Our charms let you tell it to the world. Family Charms and Family Jewlery.

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Feather Jewelry
Silver Feather Often used as a sign of serenity, Feather Jewelry makes a nice gift. We feature feathers on earrings, necklaces, and charms.

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February Jewelry
Silver February Sterling Silver jewelry with the February Birth Stone featured. These pieces contain amethyst color stones. We also have genuine Amethyst jewelry.

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Fleur-de-lis Jewelry
Silver Fleur-de-lis the Fleur-de-lis is a stylized lilly that is associcated with French Royalty as well as New Orleans.

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Flower Jewelry
Silver Flower Flowers represent hope and joy and you will feel both hope and joy when you adorn yourself in our fine floral sterling silver jewelry. We feature a variety of flower jewelry in a variety of jewelry styles including earrings, charms and bracelets.

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Food Jewelry
Silver Food We love what we eat, you can show off your favorite consumable with our sterling Silver food collection.

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Football Jewelry
Silver Football Sterling Silver Football jewelry including football charms shaped as a football, running football player charms, football helmet charms and enamel footballs. Football Coaches always get a 10% rebate on orders for the team. Rebate goes directly to your credit card.

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Four Leaf Clover Jewelry
Silver Four Leaf Clover The luck of the leprechaun is just a click away with our fashionable sterling silver four leaf clovers.

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Fresh Water Pearls Jewelry
Silver Fresh Water Pearls Pearls are always pretty and sophisticated.

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Friend Jewelry
Silver Friend Friendship is different things to different people. You can show your friendship with our charming silver jewelry. Your friends will appreciate friendship jewelry.

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Frog Jewelry
Silver Frog Frogs large and small featured on fine sterling silver jewelry. Tree Frogs and other frogs on rings, earrings, and bracelets. You will love our Frog Jewelry.

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Gecko Jewelry
Silver Gecko The Gecko represents challenges or obstacles that must be handled. If they have completed a full circle, the concerns and issues are at an end. If they remain open, the issues have not totally been resolved or will continue. Regardless of what they represent we think gecko jewelry looks great in sterling silver.

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Giraffe Jewelry
Silver Giraffe Sterling silver Giraffe jewelry available at zulumoon.

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Golf Jewelry
Silver Golf Our sterling silver golf jewelry is great for the whole golf team or as a gift for your favorite golfer. We have golf pendants for necklaces and golf charms.

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Graduation Jewelry
Silver Graduation A small collection of charms and jewelry for the new graduate

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Grandma Jewelry
Silver Grandma Sterling silver grandma jewelry and sterling silver nana jewelry we have different version of the name including grandmother.

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Gymnast Jewelry
Silver Gymnast Sterling silver Gymnast jewelry for all of your inspiring Gymnast. These Gymnastics charm / Gymnast Pendants can be worn on sterling silver chains or charm bracelets. Flips, tumbles and balance beams in sterling silver.

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Halloween Jewelry
Silver Halloween Charms and jewelry for the haunting season of Halloween. Ghost, goblins, pumpkins, witches and ghouls cast in sterling silver. Some of our spooky Halloween jewelry is sterling silver and enamel.

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Heart Jewelry
Silver Heart The Heart represents love in all its many facets, from romantic love to friendship to love of our fellow humans. They are also seen as having heart or having courage and will that allows heroes and other courageous people to face a challenge. Don’t be a tin man, get yourself a heart today. It’s easy to do and they look good in our .925 sterling silver.

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Hebrew Jewelry
Silver Hebrew A nice collection of sterling silver Hebrew jewelry featuring the Menorah and Star of David and other religious symbols.

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High Polish Silver Jewelry
Silver High Polish Silver High Polish Silver Jewelry from Ferroni

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Hockey Jewelry
Silver Hockey Sterling Silver Hockey Jewelry and charms make great gift for your whole hockey team. Hockey Coaches and Hockey moms often buy these items as team gifts. Pucks, goalie mask and hockey players in sterling silver.

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Horse Jewelry
Silver Horse You will find a fine selection of horse jewelry including horse earrings, horse pendants, horse necklaces and more. Most of our horse jewelry is Sterling Silver, but we will be adding a few pieces of gold horse jewelry. These beautiful pieces of jewelry are a perfect gift for the equestrian and horse lover. We now have a full line of Kabana Silver equestrian jewelry. Ride away with a great deal today.

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Horseshoe Jewelry
Silver Horseshoe Without a doubt, the most commonly encountered lucky charm in modern North America is the horseshoe We like it so much we added to our jewelry collection below. Sterling Silver Horseshoes with gems or without will keep the luck year round.

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Hugs and Kisses Jewelry
Silver Hugs and Kisses XOXO Sterling Silver jewelry charms, earrings and more.

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Hummingbird Jewelry
Silver Hummingbird Hummingbirds represent the power of joy and a focus on the bright side. They bring swiftness of thought and the ability to hover over a situation so that it can be examined carefully and healed. We have hummingbird jewelry featured on fine sterling silver jewelry including hummingbird earrings, charms and hummingbirds on bracelets.

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Indian Jewelry
Silver Indian Indian Headdress and Indian Chief Jewelry

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January Jewelry
Silver January Sterling Silver Jewelry Featuring the January Birthstone, the traditional January birthstone is Garnet. Also see our birthstone collection for new mothers in January by looking at the January Silver Charms.

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July Birthstone Jewelry
Silver July Birthstone Sterling Silver Jewelry Featuring the July Birthstone which is Ruby, we feature both ruby colored CZ and genuine Ruby Jewelry. We have July Birthstone earrings, pendants and charms.

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June Birthstone Jewelry
Silver June Birthstone Sterling Silver Jewelry Featuring the June Birthstone. The traditional June Birthstone is Alexandrite, which is a soft purple in color. The modern June birthstones are pearl and moonstone. We have Alexandrite colored CZ stones for most of June Jewelry.

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Kissing Jewelry
Silver Kissing

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Knot Jewelry
Silver Knot Jewelry for the haves and have knots. Celtic knots, nautical knots and more, all done in fine sterling silver.

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Ladybug Jewelry
Silver Ladybug In many cultures the precious little ladybug or the ladybird jewelry has been believed to bring good luck for ages. Why wait for a ladybug to land on you when you can buy your good fortune today. We have captured the beauty and luck of the ladybug in our ladybug jewelry on necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pins and charms.

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Leaf Jewelry
Silver Leaf The leaf is a beautiful symbol of Nature. We have sterling silver leaf charms, pendants and more.

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Locket Jewelry
Silver Locket Lockets are special pieces of silver jewelry, often passed down from generation to generation. Be sure to pick locket jewelry that reflect the spirit of the person who will wear it. It will make the locket special for years to come.

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Love Jewelry
Silver Love Love is… whatever love is to you we have a way for you to show it. Our fine sterling silver jewelry makes a fine gift to your loved one. Also see our heart collection.

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Marcasite Jewelry
Silver Marcasite Marcasite Jewelry was made popular in Victorian jewelry and remains popular today adding an old world quality to modern jewelry. Marcasite Jewelry is the combination of sterling silver and marcasite (white iron pyrite). You can find Marcasite Rings and assorted other Jewerly made with Marcasite.

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March Jewelry
Silver March Sterling Silver Jewelry Featuring the March Birthstone Aquamarine. Aquamarine is transparent blue or sea-green. The name comes from a Latin phrase meaning "water of the sea." Aquamarine is found all over the world, including Brazil, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Madagascar. It was thought to bring its wearers knowledge, foresight and inspiration.

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May Birthstone Jewelry
Silver May Birthstone Sterling Silver Jewelry Featuring the May Birthstone

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Mermaid Jewelry
Silver Mermaid Our Mermaid Jewelry collection is sterling silver and beautiful. These lovely goddesses of the sea work well on silver chains and charm bracelets.

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Military Jewelry
Silver Military The sterling silver military jewelry help show the support and service of the Army charm, Navy chamr, Air Force chamr and Marines charm. These military charms in sterling silver make great gifts.

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MISC Jewelry
Silver MISC

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Moon Jewelry
Silver Moon The image of the moon is a symbol of the goddess Diana and it is also a symbol of the Virgin Mary. The moon was said to have the sovereignty by night that the sun had by day. Our sterling silver moon jewelry looks just as good in the daylight as they do in the glimmer of night.

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Moon and Star Jewelry
Silver Moon and Star The moon is a symbol of female & goddess energy. The star represents solar, & male energy. Together they make a perfect pair. Moon and Star jewelry is .925 Sterling Sivler.

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Moose Jewelry
Silver Moose You’ll love this moose jewelry. You don't have to be from Alaska to like the Moose.

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Mother Jewelry
Silver Mother Motherhood means so much to so many we’ve tried to capture the spirit of mothers everywhere with our mother jewelry, mother charms, earrings, and bracelets.

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Music Jewelry
Silver Music Looking for music jewelry? Our line of musical jewelry is sure to hit the right note every time. We have jewelry shaped as musical instruments as well as musical notes.

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Nautical Jewelry
Silver Nautical Popeye has been known to shop in our Nautical Collection. When you are looking for fine sterling silver with the strength of the sea.

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nla Jewelry
Silver nla nla

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Noahs Ark Jewelry
Silver Noahs Ark It's not to late to get on board. Noah's Ark jewelry will always be popular among the faithful. These Sterling Silver pieces of jewelry feature animals and the Ark.

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November Birthstone Jewelry
Silver November Birthstone Sterling Silver jewelry that features the birthstone for November, Citrine. You can find more citrine jewelry here

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Numbers Jewelry
Silver Numbers Find your favorite number charm done in silver. We have your number jewelry on a Silver charm, you will find number 1 through 10 (we do have some higher numbers).

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O Necklace Jewelry
Silver O Necklace Sterling Silver O Necklace collection. The O necklace is getting even more popular. This now classic design is here to stay. Buy your O necklace today. Sometime referred to as the Oprah's O necklace or the circle of life necklace.

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October Birthstone Jewelry
Silver October Birthstone Sterling Silver jewelry that features the birthstone for October. The traditional October Birthstone is OPAL. We carry, specifically the pink to white colored opal. We do have opals in many colors. Most opal on the market is synthetic, as is most of the opal you see here.

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Other Animals Jewelry
Silver Other Animals We have a large collection of animal jewelry where the animal in question did not have enough pieces to be a collection onto itself so they are all here in the barn.

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Palm Tree Jewelry
Silver Palm Tree Palm tree pendants and necklaces are very popular, many of the large jewelry companies like Tiffany's are selling them. This is our version of the very popular CZ Diamond Palm Tree

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Peace Jewelry
Silver Peace Show your political beliefs with our Peace charms, peace pendants and other peace jewelry. Our selection of peace jewelry includes high polish sterling silver and a variety of other designs. Please also see our dove collection.

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Penguin Jewelry
Silver Penguin They are black and white and cute all over. Browse our Penguin Jewelry

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People Jewelry
Silver People For people who like people we have jewelry in the shape of firemen, cowboys, and mermaids.

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Personalized Engravable Jewelry
Silver Personalized Engravable This is jewelry that you can personalize. You can have them engraved by a local jeweler at a later time.

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Pig Jewelry
Silver Pig Oink, Oink… These pigs are cute, we have a large selection of Pig Jewelry and Pig Charms.

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Places Jewelry
Silver Places Find your home, we have Italy, Ireland, Africa and many more places…

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Princess Jewelry
Silver Princess You don't have to be royalty to be someone perfect little princess. Our Princess Jewlery collection is the perfect gift for your little princess.

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Purse Jewelry
Silver Purse We have a large selection of purse jewelry including purse charms and purse pendants. Some of these pieces of jewelry open like a locket. Please contact us if you can not find what you are looking for.

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Running Charms Jewelry
Silver Running Charms Silver Running Charms include marathon shoes, running figures and more. Running and runner jewelry is .925 sterling silver. We have marathon jewelry and marathon charms that features 26.2.

View all Running Charms Jewelry

Sale Items Jewelry
Silver Sale Items The items are on sale at up to 60% off. Our sale items feature items from a variety of silver jewelry categories.

View all Sale Items Jewelry

Sand Dollar Jewelry
Silver Sand Dollar You don't have to go to the beach to find some marvelous sand dollars. We have them right here, browse our selection of sand dollar jewelry and sand dollar charms.

View all Sand Dollar Jewelry

Sea Creatures Jewelry
Silver Sea Creatures Our sea creatures include the octopus and other sea life that did not fit another collection.

View all Sea Creatures Jewelry

Sea Horse Jewelry
Silver Sea Horse Everyone loves sea horse jewelry. Part of our larger sea life collection, our sea horse jewelry is sterling silver.

View all Sea Horse Jewelry

September Birthstone Jewelry
Silver September Birthstone The birthstone for September is sapphire. The September themed items feature sapphire colored stones and real sapphire jewelry. Click here see just the genuine sapphire jewelry

View all September Birthstone Jewelry

Shark Jewelry
Silver Shark We have a nice collection of shark jewelry at zulu moon. Sterling silver shark pendants and charms.

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Shells Jewelry
Silver Shells Scallops, clams, conchs…we have all of your shells here.

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Shoe Jewelry
Silver Shoe Looking for jewelry in the shape of a high heel or sandal? We have all types of shoe jewelry including flip flops, sandals, and high heels.

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Silver Hoop Jewelry
Silver Silver Hoop You will love our silver hoops. We have big hoops, little hoops, large hoop earrings and hoops earrings with gems. When you need a fresh pair of silver hoop earrings, you will find them at Zulu moon.

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Skeleton Key Jewelry
Silver Skeleton Key Keys are hot this seaon, skeleton keys, keys with CZ and keys with hearts seem to be all the rage. You can buy your sterling silver Key to my heart jewelry at zulumoon

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Skull and Crossbone Jewelry
Silver Skull and Crossbone The skull and Crossbone are very popular and we have a large selection of Skull and Crossbone in Sterling Silver

View all Skull and Crossbone Jewelry

Soccer Jewelry
Silver Soccer Silver Soccer Charms for the whole team. We always have plenty in stock, order your team a silver soccer charm today. Soccer jewelry is .925 sterling sivler.

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Southwest Jewelry
Silver Southwest Sterling Silver jewelry that captures the spirit and style of the southwest.

View all Southwest Jewelry

Spiritual Jewelry
Silver Spiritual For those who like a little yin with their yang

View all Spiritual Jewelry

Stainless Steel Jewelry
Silver Stainless Steel Stainless Steel jewelry for Men is hand picked from some of the finest vendors around the word. Our stainless steel collection features Stainless Steel Rings, Stainless Steel Necklaces, and Stainless Steel Bracelets.

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Star Jewelry
Silver Star Your always a star when you wear our .925 Sterling Silver Star jewelry. We have star pendants, star outlines, and star charms.

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Star of David Jewelry
Silver Star of David Star of David jewelry in sterling silver.

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Starfish Jewelry
Silver Starfish Sterling Silver Starfish Jewelry at is guaranteed to be .925 Silver. We carry a nice selection of Starfish earrings, Bracelets, charms and Starfish Necklaces. Buy Starfish Jewelry at and be happy with your purchase.

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State Jewelry
Silver State Show your state pride with our sterling silver jewelry. We have charms for most of the 50 states. Texas charms, Michigan, Florida and many more state chams. Travel buffs like to collect our state charms to show the places they visit.

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Sun Jewelry
Silver Sun These are too hot to keep in stock. Sun charms, they will light up your life.

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Swarovski Crystal Jewelry
Silver Swarovski Crystal The crystals in the jewelry in this collection is genuine Swarovski crystal, the pieces themselves are not made by Swarovski, just the crystals. Swarovski is a registered trademark of the Swarovski company.

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Teardrop Jewelry
Silver Teardrop Don't cry. Our teardrop jewelry is beautiful.

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Threader Earrings Jewelry
Silver Threader Earrings Earring Threads, or threaders. We have a nice selection of silver threader earrings. Threaders are becoming very popular with the fashion trend setters. Sometimes referred to as earring threads.

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Turtle Jewelry
Silver Turtle We love the magical properties of the turtle. We have 44 different designs in stock featuring the Turtle, some with gemstones and some turtles of only .925 sterling silver.

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Unicorn Jewelry
Silver Unicorn Sterling Silver Unicorns make great first gift of jewelry for young women and daughters. Share the special story of the unicorn with someone you love today.

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Valentines Jewelry
Silver Valentines Valentine's Day is less than a month away. Are you still looking for the perfect valentine's jewelry gift? At we have a selection of heart jewelry with over 1,000 pieces to choose from, with prices to fit any budget!

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Victorian Jewelry
Silver Victorian We have a limited collection of Victorian Jewelry which is always fashionable and classy.

View all Victorian Jewelry

Volleyball Jewelry
Silver Volleyball Our collection of sterling silver volleyball charms

View all Volleyball Jewelry

Wedding Jewelry
Silver Wedding We have a nice selection of wedding jewelry including items for bridesmaids and items to make wedding charm bracelets form. Our sterling silver wedding jewelry is guaranteed to be sterling.

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Whale Jewelry
Silver Whale Sterling silver whales and whale jewelry. Some of these silver whales fit well on sterling silver chains and charm bracelets.

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Wishbone Jewelry
Silver Wishbone Make a wish on our Wishbone jewelry.

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Wizard Jewelry
Silver Wizard The wizard and the glass featured here in sterling silver.

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Wolf Jewelry
Silver Wolf The Wolf a symbol of strength and rugged individualism. The wolf can represent a spirit guide and guardian angel. Our wolf design jewelry collection will never leave you lonely. Sterling Silver Wolf Rings and other jewelry.

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Zodiac Jewelry
Silver Zodiac A small collection of sterling silver zodiac jewelry, including all of the signs of the zodiac. No need to check your stars, you always have good luck wearing this beautiful jewelry.

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